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William McConnaughy, CPA, Tax Help Pro

I was an IRS Revenue Agent for 4 years, and performed literally hundreds of personal and business tax return audits. This experience provided me an insider knowledge about how the IRS personnel think, what pressures they’re under, and how to work with them successfully. When you hire me as your representative I personally manage your case, not some junior associate getting on-the-job training, and will use this insider knowledge to your advantage.

I began my company in March of 1990, and since then I have successfully resolved all types of situations and cases, currently well over 5,000. My administrative staff are highly trained, always polite and professional. Giving my best to each and every case is a matter of pride, and no matter what your tax situation you can rest assured that I will employ a conscientious approach to secure the best results possible for you.  As my client:

  • I guarantee in writing the best resolution of your situation that the facts and law will allow,
  • I guarantee in writing the most affordable, lowest fee you will have to pay for your tax relief,
  • I guarantee in writing that you will not be subject to tax levies or garnishments after you retain me,
  • I guarantee in writing a thirty day money back satisfaction guarantee after you retain me,
  • I guarantee a fifteen day grace period to make your first payment for services after I start your case.

Simply put, I guarantee in writing the best tax relief service program available anywhere in the nation.

My qualifications to serve you include the following:

  • A Master’s Degree in Taxation
  • Over 28 years of professional tax experience
  • Four years working as an IRS Revenue Agent
  • Successfully resolved over 5,000 cases
  • Completes 40 hours of continuing education and training each year
  • Committed to keeping up-to-date on the latest legislation and amendments to the tax code

If you wish to experience relief and peace of mind by dealing with your tax problems with help from me call my office today!

Ask about my FREE IRS status & settlement report, detailing exactly where you stand with IRS, and where you stand in securing the best possible settlement with them. And take advantage of my FREE IRS penalty abatement request.  Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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If you are still unsure let me ask you something: Would you go into medical surgery without asking about your surgeon’s credentials?

Most of us wouldn’t dream of it. And we should be just as careful before we hand over our money to a commission paid salesperson trying to make a fast and easy dollar by blowing smoke in your face about tax relief services. Somebody with the gall to take your money without even the courtesy of introducing you to who you will be entrusting your life to?  This is why I want you know who I am, what I do, how I do it, my qualifications for doing it, and why I am the best choice to ensure your best tax relief resolution at the lowest possible fee.

Giving my best to each and every client is a matter of pride. My conscientious approach means I treat every client as my most important client.  Please reach out to me and avoid the trouble and disappointment you may experience if you go elsewhere in a service industry insufficiently regulated and polluted with unethical and under qualified tax relief companies.  Trust me, I know what I am talking about.

A few recent client comments follow:
More can be found at https://best-tax-relief-services-companies.com/testimonials/

“Bill McConnaughy is a man of his word.” – Mr. and Mrs. Hill, California

“I want to commend Bill and his staff for their professional and effective assistance. . . . I will continue to refer clients to Bill without reservation.” – Attorney, Oregon

“Bill is very efficient, professional, and considerate.” – Robert, California

“Mr.McConnaughy, this is just a short note to say “Thank you!!” I was on the phone with the “beautiful” Alicia to give her my new account number for my payment and told her the same thing. When my life seemed like it was crashing down on me,the Creator put your name and service on my computer for me. You and Alicia were on the other end of that “life”line. Thanks so much for being there and all the help. One day,I may be knocking on the door to meet you both face to face to tell you my heart-felt thanks. Have a blessed day and a great weekend.” – Patty Smith

Bill McConnaughy, CPA

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